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7 changes to overcome the desire to not exercise

I stood over the evil recumbent bike. This was part of my new routine.  Not the hovering, but the supposed exercise routine.   I scheduled cardio first thing in the morning to kick-start my day.  Once I was on the bike and in the groove, I loved working out.  I like getting sweaty.  I like how my body feels when I exercise.  But every morning, it seemed like I was always lacking the inspiration to get on that damn bike.  Once I did get on, I had to do the warm up, I freaking hate the warm up.  My body feels like it rebels each time.  It’s like I’m waking up my body for a second time.   The constant commentary that runs in my head went, “Like a hobbit’s first and second breakfast except its first & second wake up”.  (It wasn’t that funny in my head either).   With each warm up, I’m pretty sure I hear my body say F off Kristen!!  For weeks, I’ve hovered over this damn bike.    I walked over to the elliptical, same response.  Then moving onto the rowing machine (doing ergs at University did not make me feel more joyful about rowing).  Ultimately, I move back to the bike.  Something had to change.

I know my weightloss clients go through similar issues.  We tackle it during our hypnotherapy sessions.  But what other support could I give them and me?     I started to think about how during a session you reframe a story in a different way to gain perspective and give positive suggestions to help facilitate the change.   I decided that this can also be done on a conscious level.  I made 7 changes to the way I prepare for working out and it’s made a big difference for me and my clients.

8 changes to overcome the desire to NOT exercise

 1)  Prep the night before: Get your workout clothes ready and together the night before. I put them on my bureau and runners (or sneakers depending on where you live) on the floor in front of them. I have a preference for room temperature water, so I also started filling my litre water bottle up and leaving it next to my clothes. When you are in bed, just before sleeping tell yourself that you will get up easily and workout.

2)  Visualize with positive vibes:  In the morning, before you even get out of your bed, think about your workout. See yourself working out and how good you are going to feel. Start making a positive list in your head about your work out for the day. Perhaps you will have a sense of accomplishment when you are done, or the feeling of empowerment by taking control of your health, maybe you have some cool new workout clothes. Imagine how those things feel emotionally. The point of this is to keep the negative thoughts and feeling you may have out of the mix. So, how would you turn that frown upside down (aside from the obvious not workout)?

3)  Warming up my body: I stopped getting on the bike to warm it up for cardio. I hated it, so I ought about what I really love to do. The answer for me: bellydance!!! So, I warm up and stretch with bellydance. No I’m not saying that you have to find yourself a dance studio, DVD or YouTube workout (but man are you missing out on something amazing). What I’m saying is do what you love. If absolutely hate, hate, hate the type of exercise you are doing; go do or try other types of exercise until you find something you love. Exercising should be something you look forward to doing. You just have to retrain your brain and finding the right exercise that suits you.

4)  Create a reward: My preferred type of exercise is bellydance, but right now, I don’t necessarily get my heart rate up to where I need it to be for a full cardio workout. So I do 30 minutes of cardio and then reward myself with bellydance drills. If you find a cardio that you love, you may not need to do this reward. It’s up to you.

5)  Create another reward: Once you’ve completed your workout. Reward yourself. I might make my favorite healthy treat, or watch an episode of a favorite show on Netflix, or treat myself to something bigger like a massage, or a mani/pedi, or a coffee date with a friend. What is a treat for you that doesn’t involve an unhealthy choice?

6)  Change up your workout regularly: As in all things in life, variety is key. It’s good to change up your routine so that you don’t become bored doing the same old same old. This could be as simple as changing up you daily routine from one day to the next. It’s also good for your body because our bodies acclimate to repetitive movements day in and day out and although HIIT can help shift that, it’s good to switch up your routine.

7)  Just do it: At the end of the day, you have to say to yourself, I’m exercising. Hold yourself accountable. You are accountable to your work. You get up every day, shower, and do a job, whether its inside or outside of the home. Exercise should have the same accountability.

What is your favorite type of workout?

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