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Reiki hypnosis

I’ve been a Komyo Reiki practitioner since 2010.  I’ve been practicing some kind of body energy work since I was ten years old when my mother became an instructor and certified practitioner of Therapeutic Touch and taught me how to use energy as a healing method.  Reiki means sacred energy of the universe.  Reiki is a great addition to Western medical treatments and can help calm and relax the body during times of stress and illness.

It is a tradition that started in Japan by a Buddhist practitioner named Mikao Usui in the early 1900s.  The idea of reiki came to him during a twenty one day meditation on top of Mt. Kurama. It is a practice that is becoming accepted in the medical community.  You can now find practitioners in hospitals and senior’s homes in Canada and the US.  Medical doctors have researched and done trials proving the efficacy of reiki from decreasing blood pressure to decreasing symptoms of chemotherapy in patients to much more.  

Reiki Komyo Kai, which I practice, is a method that was developed by Hyakuten Inamoto who is a non-sectarian, Japanese Buddhist monk.  This method helps to heal the body and the mind.


Reiki sessions are in person only and take approximately 1 hour.  The client rests fully clothed on a reiki table, simliar to a massage table.  Reiki energdy is channeled to the body in 12 different locations for appoximately 5 minutes each, 

1 session
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3 sessions
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