Once upon a time, there was a woman who did everything right.  She learned how to behave and tame

the free spirit that wanted to laugh outloud and run barefoot

All the expectations & roles

that were placed upon her,

she fulfilled or exceeded;

daughter, wife, stepmom, employee.

The more she fulfilled other's expectations,

the sicker and fatter she got.

Suddenly, she just

couldn't function

anymore.  She would wake up nights filled with


She felt so sick that

she couldn't work.

Everything felt out of control.

One day, she decided that it was time  to

take her life back and 

learned how to reclaim her free spirit.

That woman was me.


Release your anxiety and take back control
Release your fears
Free guided self hypnosis recording to release your fears
Weightloss - Body Enlightened
Stop emotional eating through hypnosis
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Clients sharing some luv

"Initially I was a bit skeptical of the process, but with each session I continue to be pleasantly surprised.  Kristen is excellent!  I feel comfortable and relaxed during the session.  I am truyl amazed at the outcomes and insight I receive.  That's the straight goods!  I see subtle but definite changes in my everday decision making and I attribute much of these changes in my everyday decision making and I attribute much of these changes to the hypnotherapy.  I would highly recommend Kristen to all who are open to exploring what is hidden away in their mind." Client L.N.

"At the outset, I was a bit wary of the process but with frank discussion and some research, I decided to go ahead with it.  Kristen is excellent! I felt safe and relaxed during the sessions and was encouraged by the outcomes and insight I received.  I see positive changes in my day-to-day decision making and I attribute much of this to Kristen's skill with hypnotherapy.  I strongly recommend her to aid in exploring what is hidden away in your mind!" Client L.M.

"I was skeptical starting this program as I was not sure how the hypnosis was going to work.  I was pleasantly surprised and would highly recommend this program for anyone.  Kristen is very professional and knowledgeable in this field.  She cares about you and what your goals are and is there to help you every step of the way.  She makes you feel very comfortable and is very easy to talk to.  You don't feel you are being rushed through your session."  Client C.A.

"I just had a session and I was blown away.  I am a believer in alternative therapies, but I had no clue how quickly this works.  Ms. Hemming is very pleasant to deal with and extremely supportive.  Well worth looking into." Client AW

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