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Akashic Records & Intuitive Readings

The first time I saw a ghost, I was 5 years old.  I still remember that day clearly.  He was so solid in appearance, I couldn't tell the difference between who was spirit and who was real.  Things shifted as I got older and was able to discern what was what.  Using intuition has become a natural way from me to work with clients who wish to learn more information about about themselves and their souls purpose.  I am able to give two different types of readings.  Either giving an intuitive reading where I share information that I receive from spirit or we can open the Akashic Records and work with your Akashic Record Keepers focusing on questions that will help you gain more understanding about this life or a past life.

What are Akashic Records?  Every soul has a record of all of the lives lived.  There is an energetic "library" that houses each souls experiences, agreements, connections to others, and your soul's purpose for learning.  Going into the Akashic records can give insight to relationships, struggles and soul agreements.   It can also identify blockages and then quickly remove them.

I have been trained in reading Akashic Records through Souls Journey

Intuitive and Akashic Record Readings are:

$65 for 30 minutes 

$99 for 60 minutes

30 Minutes
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60 minutes
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